Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce

Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce

Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce

Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce,Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce, blue and black), sign pen, fine line pen and highlighter pen,School contents: Two ballpoint pens (blue and black), permanent marker pen and highlighter pen,Refill Type : Non-Refillable, Student contents: 3 ballpoint pens (red, Discover your favorite brand Warranty and FREE shipping We provide you with the latest high quality products. Pack 5-Pce Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing.

Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce

Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce - Pack Of 10 8901069128525. Refill Type : Non-Refillable. Student contents: 3 ballpoint pens (red, blue and black), sign pen, fine line pen and highlighter pen.School contents: Two ballpoint pens (blue and black), sign pen, permanent marker pen and highlighter pen.. Condition:: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is applicable). If the item comes direct from a manufacturer, it may be delivered in non-retail packaging, such as a plain or unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller's listing for full details. See all condition definitions : Brand: : Luxor , Retractable: : Non-Retractable: MPN: : 1321 ASS , Line Width: : Assortedmm: Refill Type: : Non-Refillable , Product Number: : 1321 ASS: Ink Colour: : Assorted , Pen Type: : Assorted: Tip Size: : Mixed Set , Color: : Blue: UPC: : Does not apply , EAN: : 8901069128525 , 。

Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce

No More Worries relieves you of your tax and legal problems!

What can we offer you?

The simple solution to problems
NMW offers effective solutions. We act efficiently, economically and practically to relieve the head of a family, or the executives of a company, of their problems with the help of a professional with more than 25 years’ experience in the tax and legal world. As our clients can contact their “personal advisor” round-the-clock, they don’t have to worry about discovering risks or opportunities too late. Any worries of the client are addressed during bi-weekly or monthly meetings. The NMW advisor uses these moments to identify opportunities and risks and to anticipate internal and external developments. The meetings will generally take place at the client’s office or another location of his choice.

Distance is no issue
NMW is currently based in Holland, but the location and nationality of our clients are never an issue, since all NMW advisors have lived and worked all over the world and have been working for people of every nationality.
The 5 C’s: Confidence, Chemistry and Commitment + Client and Counsellor
Mutual Confidence and Chemistry are essential to a good working relationship and it is therefore recommended to establish a long-term Commitment between the Client and his advisor, or personal Counsellor, to forge a trustworthy relationship in which the Client feels safe and secure and know that he can totally rely on his Counsellor. Once a relationship has been established, the advisor will deal with the client’s tax and legal issues as if they were his own. His role is fully determined by the client’s needs and wishes. The clients’ total tax and legal costs will be reduced, because NMW advisors have the know how to handle tax and legal issues as efficient and effective, as possible. NMW is familiar with all possible fee systems and is able to negotiate attractive arrangements.
Our values
NMW has relevant know how and is familiar with tax and legal issues. NMW focuses on long-term strategic tax planning through identifying the right legal framework. Our ability to take care of (international) tax and legal affairs of families is second to none. We make sure that companies and assets are structured as efficient and as simple as possible. The structure we offer are tailored to the client’s wishes and plans for the future generations. Training the next generations in relevant tax and legal matters can be a great help and we see it as part of our job.
NMW advisors take the time to listen to whatever may be on the client’s mind. The counsellor knows if an external advisor needs to be brought in and identifies the right person to sort the issue. Because of his long experience, the advisor also knows what information and material an external advisor needs in order to formulate the questions to be answered as efficiently as possible. Although we know the best people to advise on a specific matter, we see it as part of our job to supervise the external advisors. Once the advice has been obtained, we discuss the way forward with the client and make sure that everything is taken care of. NMW operates differently from law firms, private banks, family offices and trust companies. We do not give financial or investment advice, nor do we give detailed tax and legal advice. This is, if needed, being obtained from an external lawyer or tax advisor. For our other work supporting families and companies, we cooperate with private banks, single or multi-family offices and trust companies. In some cases an advisor may accept a formal role for a client or one of his entities, if the client has a strong preference for him to do so and it fits within the context of the overall client-advisor relationship and particularly if it helps build up the 5 C’s that we regard as key to a good relationship.

No More Worries has been created in 2010 as a specialized firm counselling families on a worldwide basis. The initiative was taken by Philip van Hilten who until then had spent 35 years as partner in leading European law firms. We know how complex family affairs can be. We help finding global solutions for individuals as a trusted advisor. Problems know no borders. Issues pop up in many countries and families have more than 1 nationality. We have hands-on experience with these complications. Clients need a true global counsel  guiding them on the best safe ways to a stable future. We are your traveling companion making sure you have a transparent and fair governance system.

Families wanting to be successful for generations, must have a tailored governance structure which is agreed and has flexibility. Who heads the family and its business? How, who and when is a successor chosen? What are the rights and obligations of family members? What is the position of in-laws? Who is in fact family? Those questions inevitably come up in all families regardless of their nationality, culture, religion, or position. Timely made arrangements prevent family disputes. Our clients should not worry about such issues. So as independent counsellor we will find together the most suitable solution which is then put in place together jointly with everyone concerned. As friendly “legal architect” we help building a legal home fitting the objectives and wishes best.

The sooner families have an agreed legal basis and governance, the more certain is their successful future. A well-organized structure and set of family rules protect against unwelcome actions by individuals and governments, while preventing disruption and disputes that otherwise destroy families.

Most family matters are the same all over the world. Because many successful families are spread over several countries, they need a coordinating “global legal architect” for their worldwide, broad family issues.

Our motto is that clients do what they do best and that No More Worries takes over their worries about legal and tax complexities. We promise to take the time to listen and support as trusted friends should do. We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We are there for our clients on a 24/7 basis.

To help you with a wide range of family matters, we created with the help of many others the website The website contains a large number of articles written by many different professionals from all over the world. It is freely accessible and there are many practical hints and warnings.

No More Worries helps finding the right legal and tax structure for global families and businesses

How we work and our fees

Every client has different wishes. Accordingly, all our agreements are tailor made. NMW informs the client in detail about the type of work it does, the degree of our involvement and the frequency of updates. The client can opt for a number of fee structures, like a per diem fee, a fixed fee, or a quarterly retainer fee. Chemistry between advisor and client is essential, so NMW waives its fee for an initial period, if parties cannot work together in a satisfactory way.

Once a relationship is established, a retainer arrangement may be an ideal solution as this enables a strong long-term bond between the client and his dedicated advisor, who becomes part of his client’s business. The client can call on the experience of his trusted advisor, at any time, which permits him to have access to immediate support and advice at a very reasonable cost. NMW can also carry out a specific project, at a daily rate, or for a flat fee. Brief telephone calls are part of our service and are not being charged.

NMW’s goal is that clients save money and that they have more time or can relax instead of worrying.

Is NMW right for you?

Anyone can be a NMW client, because our charges are modest. Our clients, however, are merely executives of multinational companies (often family-owned). Most of the time they do not have an in-house legal counsel and are rarely trained nor do they have in interest in tax of legal matters and are therefore confronted every day with a wide variety of tax or legal matters. In an ideal world, these issues would only take up a small part of their daily work. In practice, however, they spend too much time on these matters.
Many executives and heads of families discover legal and tax hurdles early enough, but they find it difficult to deal with them, to oversee, to coordinate tax and/or legal work, to identify and to instruct the best possible advisors. An external adviser anticipates and prevents issues to deteriorate to significant problems. Identifying a problem too late can have serious consequences which cause unnecessary worries and sleepless nights. Also these worries prevent executives from doing the work they are good at and that they enjoy. Hiring a full-time advisor may be the preferred solution, but is often too complicated and too expensive.
No More Worries: taking care of your worries!


(From may 2021)

We are located on Hellingweg 32 H at the entrance of the harbor of Scheveningen, the seaside suburb of The Hague.

Directions by car:
When coming from Amsterdam (Schiphol), Rotterdam or Utrecht take the A12 into the centre of The Hague. At the bottom of A12 turn left at traffic light and make a right at next T crossing. Follow signs Scheveningen harbor and follow S200 for 3.1 kilometer. Make a right at traffic light and follow Houtrustweg for 900 meter and then make a left on Kranenburgerweg. After 500 meter make a right on Hellingweg and follow that for 300 meter until you arrive at Hellingweg 32 H, 2583 WG Scheveningen.

Directions when taking public transport:
When coming by train via Station Den Haag, please take bus number 28 (Den Haag Zuiderstrand). After 13 stops you will at exit stop Norfolk. From there Hellingweg 32 is 250 meters away, 3 min. walk (Please walk in the southeast direction).

Hellingweg 32H
2583 WG Den Haag



Philip van Hilten
Mobile: +31 (0) 6 53 91 97 90

Sushila Perdaan
Mobile: +31 (0) 6 15 38 04 34

Hellingweg 32H
2583 WG Den Haag

Useful tips

What to do?
Our dream is that all of us take time to relax. The good news is that it is possible. You can have more free time when you let us solve your problems and make your worries dissapear. We would like to make some suggestions what you could do with more time on your hands, because we want you to have no more worries about your spare time. My suggestions are very personal, but if you want to suggest other activities please let us know so we can add them to the list below.

So let us mention some some places of interest to visit, books to read, movies to see, food to eat and things to do. Having our places in Holland, Tuscany and the Provence many of our suggestions have to do with these parts of Europe.

Where to go?

Being there almost every day, it is hard to say what a visitor should see or do there except visiting our office in a beautiful and well hidden part of Amsterdam. Probably the Rijksmuseum is an absolute must-see. After some 15 years of restoration I think it is a gem not to be missed.(READ MORE)

Where to eat?

Culpepper (North Beach of Scheveningen, The Hague)
Living close to the North sea in Scheveningen (the fishing and boardwalk suburb of The Hague) one of our favourite places is  around the corner and on the beach. The beach restaurant we particularly enjoy is Culpepper (  just a few hundred yards north of the Boulevard and Pier. The food is excellent and you should try the Pizza Culpepper which even spoiled Italians rave about. Eating there comfortably with your feet in the sand and the sun setting over the sea, is so good that even if you have worries, they are quickly forgotten.(READ MORE)

La Faisanderie (Arras)
One day I missed the last flight from Paris to Amsterdam. Together with a friend I rented a car to take us home. We got somewhat hungry and then decided after some 150 kilometers north of Paris to exit and find a decent restaurant. We reached Arras and although its outskirts are nog attractive (mildly put), we went on to the old city centre. On the medieval main square we found this fantastic restaurant La Faisanderie. I promise you that you will rarely have eaten better in France. It is in de cellar of an old house on the beautiful square and what they cook there is pure relaxation! Try it when you go home from or via Paris to say England or the Benelux or make a detour. You will not regret it.

Logge Vasari (Arezzo)
Before or after your visit to the old town Arezzo which has lots to offer, do not forget to go to my favourite restaurant Logge Vasari on the Piazza Grande 18. You can sit outside under the arcades catching, if you want a bit of sun and a lot of atmosphere. In winter everything is indoors and that has its own charm, but for us it is best there from April to November when you can feast your eyes while having a good glass of local product with some nice fish or agnello and pasta and…. Well go there and see for yourself. It is one of those places where life feels good. Call Andrea in advance at tel no +390575295894.


Where to sleep?

 The Odéon Saint Germain (Paris)
Until recently we found it difficult to find “the hotel” in Paris. There are great places but often at a steep price. (READ MORE)

 What to see?

Monte Oliveto Maggiore (Asciano; 30 k East of Siena)
When you travel through the so called Crete from Siena to Asciano you can take close to Asciano the road towards the abbey Monte Oliveto Maggiore. This beautifully located abbey is (READ MORE)

What to read or watch?

The Gospel according to Pilate (Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt)
Pilate recounts in this book his version of the facts about the trial and crucifixion of Christ and the events thereafter in fictitious letters to his brother Titus. The book tells about the shocking

Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce

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Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce

Inspiration Dezigns 18G Bow-Tie Dangle Cartilage Tragus Barbell (Sold Individually): Clothing, Eco-Friendly:Lead & Nickel Free. Print-on-demand - each pair is printed & sewn especially for you. We have showed our detailed size information in the picture. If you want to exchange for a different size. If you need more than one set or do not see your desired pearl color please send me note, Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce, When ordering please include special occasion. ALL THE OTHER ACCESSORIES SHOWN ON PHOTO ARE NOT INCLUDED BUT ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN MY SHOP, This wooden number is also perfect for a variety of different craft projects, AIDA with pre-printed background. Every Love Story Handmade Vinyl Wall Decal/Sticker, Baby Planter Nursery Decor Baby Shower New Baby, Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce. Envelopes Included(3 Pack)(3D Christmas Cards): Toilet Lid & Tank Covers - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases, PRINTED IN MICHIGAN Products include an official UGP Hang tag and are produced by Underground Printing, Size 1 inch fits for tire diameter 0~ cm. 5 mm connectivity lets you work on a variety of devices. Key Cap works by giving your keys a protective cover and preventing your keys from being dirty. Rody surely belongs to the "evergreen" toy category. Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce, and small accessories for a convenient all-in-one carrying case.  Leave enough room on both sides to splice the wires.

Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce

blue and black), sign pen, fine line pen and highlighter pen,School contents: Two ballpoint pens (blue and black), permanent marker pen and highlighter pen,Refill Type : Non-Refillable, Student contents: 3 ballpoint pens (red, Discover your favorite brand Warranty and FREE shipping We provide you with the latest high quality products.
Pack Of 10 Luxor School Writing Pack 5-Pce